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We want to share our passion for chocolate with you

Szamos is one of Hungary's oldest, traditional candy and chocolate manufacture. Our passion for sweets and chocolate made the chocolate museum and chocolate workshop come to life in the heart of Budapest. 

Visit our Chocolate Museum located at Kossuth tér, Budapest, and be part of the sweet history of chocolate and the tools of production from the beginning. Take a look at our 1920’s candy shop and century old chocolate workshop while exploring the meticulous marzipan sculptures like the miniature copy of the Parliament buildings and the crown jewels.


The museum showcase different stages of the history of chocolate production, during which visitors are able to taste dark, milk and white chocolate as well actual cocoa beans and marzipan, followed by a short film about the journey of cocoa from the equatorial plantations to the Belgian factories and Szamos history. 


The Szamos Chocolate Museum welcomes chocolate lovers with a unique introduction to the history of chocolate. Reserve a date and enjoy the memorable experience.


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Chocolate tour

Are you a chocoholic? Then this is the tour for you! 

During this delicious confectionary experience, you’ll learn about where chocolate comes from, this is a tasting tour and  a historical tour. During the thrilling museum tour we not only talk about chocolate but preparing some of our best  marzipan, cocoabean, dark, milk, white and ruby chocolate pastills for you to taste.


Chocolate bar making: our chocolatemaster demonstrates the handmade chocolate molding step by step, especially the chocolate tempering on the marble table. During the program everyone can decorate their own chocolate bar, which you can take home at the end. 


Reserve a date and enjoy the memorable experience!

2023. Feb




Szamos Csokoládé Múzeum

1055 Budapest, Kossuth tér 10.

Chocolate tour (ENG)

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Team building - Private tour - chocolate experiences

Creativity and collaboration combine in this tasty team building treat.

A tasting tour team buliding through the dynamic and turbulent history of chocolate along with instruction on how to enjoy and appreciate high-end chocolates. Our chocolatier guides you through a tasty sensation tour of the world of cacao from the bean to the bar. History, geography, culture and myths are explored.

Our experienced Chocolatier will demonstrate some of the key techniques involved, including tempering the chocolate. Once guests understand the basics, they will be split into small teams and get to work.


What’s included?

  • Chocolatiers welcome
  • Discussion on the history of chocolate
  • Step-by-step chocolate making demonstration
  • Tempering explanation and demonstration


1 – 1.5 hours – suitable for 6 – 50 people


To enquire about booking this event, please call us or send us an e-mail. 


In the heart of Budapest there is such a place where you can start your journey to explore the magic world of handmade pralines. You can find the Szamos Cafe just right next to the Parliament, in the heart of Budapest. The museum and workshop is located on the second floor.


Adress: 1055 Bp. Kossuth square 10. (Szamos Cafe - second floor) 
Opening hours: Every day, from 10 AM till 18 PM 



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1055 Bp. Kossuth square 10. (Szamos Cafe - second floor) 

Opening hours: Every day, from 10 AM till 18 PM 

Phone number: +36 30 746 6995


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